In April 2006 we were in the UK for a short holiday.

We attended the Stafford Bike Show wich was great.

So many old restored bikes and a lot off parts dealers.

We spend a lot off money there.

Further in the week we visited Roger and Richard Moss.

My friend Erik from flying and I learned a lot from those Scott enthousiasts.

Erik got a lot off information from them about his "road" tune.

We would like to thank Roger and Richard for their hospitality and sharing their knowledge with us.

What we saw there was amazing everything to make your Scott run better than new.

On the link here you see pictures from our visit.

Also on the pictures are Scott engines in different type off tune and Roger and Richard measuring tolerances

from parts from Erik's engine.

If you want more technical info don't hesitate to look at their website.


On the last pictures you see Roger's bike on wich Paul Dobbs won the 2005 VMCC championship.

It is in the flesh an amazing Scott even standing.