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Scott motorcycles are two-stroke twin cilinder motorcycles.

They are produced from the early 1900's till aprox 1970 by different firms.

More info on Scotts is found on the website from the Scott Owners Club in the UK.


On this website I try to write where I ride or participate in on my Scott.

Also I try to scan Magazine articles where Scotts are involved.


On the left are links where you can see pictures where I participated.

Also are there links to scanned magazine articles about Scotts.


At 19 januari 2006 I purchased a 1928 Scott Flying Squirrel from a man in Denmark

The frame number is 1790 M

The engine number is FZ 1527 A

It isn't a perfect example but i will ride it like it is.

In my humble opinion you may see that it is an almost 80 year old bike.


I am searching for the history off my Scott so if you know more please mail me.

All I know is come to me by John Underhil Registrar off the Scott Owners Club.


1978 Owned by Mr Hammant of Bolton in Lancashire
1987 Owned by Mr Casely of Salford
1990 Owned by Mr Dawson of Northwich, Cheshire
at this point Mr. Underhill remarks that the Bike was unsold at several auctions

1995 Bike is Bought and goes to Denmark
The original Registration was RR8908 on 5/4/28
subsequently the bike was reregistered with DS 8695 and then DF 9938.
This apparently was not uncommon as if the machines were rebuilt or updated people would reregister with newer numbers because newer was seen as being better!

If you know more about the history off my Scott please Mail me.


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