At 9 April 2006 I attended the Demonstration races at the circuit of Lezennes in France

The demonstrations are organised by C.A.I.M.A.N.

The cicuit is at Lezennes in the north of France near Lille.

More info from the circuit here


The demonstration races start at 9.00 so you have to be there early.


After unloading my Scott I wanted to start it.

But after opening my fueltap the fuel kept spurting out off my floatchamber.

So a quick look was needed, all it was a sticking needle in the floatchamber.

You can see me here with my friend Erik checking and repairing my Scott.

After the quick fix I started the Scott.

After three kicks it ran but with a lot off smoke.

See Erik watching my Scott smoking as I am adjusting the choke.



This picture is taken just after we three left the starting paddock.

Me on my Scott (on the left with the blue smoke), Erik (in the middle) and my dad (on the right) on their scooters.



See me here riding through some curves on the circuit.




Here I'm chasing my dad on his smalframe scooter.

|Here I am trying to catch Erik on his 180ss Vespa.



This was our pits.

Click on this Link to see a little movie (2,8 Mb) from me on my Scott on the circuit.


Click here to see all my pictures from that day


Pictures made by Ria and Winnifred