On this page only some links to little movies my friend Erik made from my first ride on my Scott.

It was ridden between the houses because it doesn't had been licenced back then.

But I hope you find it a bit funny to see a guy ride on a 80 year old bike for the first time.

The movies were taken somewhere around the end of januari 2006, as you can see not only the fumes comes out off the Scott.


Movie 1 (6,7 MB) The first time the Scott was started for a ride after a long time.

Movie 2 (6,7 MB) The first time I drive on a Scott.

Movie 3 (4,5MB)

Movie 4 (5,6 MB) First time I changed gear from first to second.

Movie 5 (5,6 MB) The end off the first ride, the neighbourhood was awoke from the noise and blue from the smoke.


Thanks to Erik for all the movies.