For four years I am attending the Coupes Mote Legende in France.

Coupe Moto Legende is the event for classic bikes on the continent.

People from all over Europe come to participate in this event.

Even the very famous riders from yesterdays like Giacomo Agostini, Phil Read, John Surtees an Kenny Roberts Sr,Sammy Miller to mention some names.

There are bikes from all over the world ridden by famous names or privateers or enthousiast owners.

Its a two days event with many classes from vintage to post-modern, sidecars with big wheels, bikes we started riding on, so there is a wide variety off marques and ages.


The event took place on the famous circuit of Montlhery (south of Paris) till a couple off years ago the circuit became so bad it was dangerous to ride on it anymore.

Remember the Montlhery cicuit dates from 1924 and is famous for his bankings, there were many speedrecords recorded on that circuit.

The concrete from the circuit is detoriating and it is so expensive to repair it that the circuit will be demollised in the future, so another piece off history will be gone.


The event now takes place on the Circuit Dyon-Prenois.

This circuit sadly doesn't have a banking but all the things to camp are there, on the opposite off Montlhery.


This circuit is on my mind as the circuit where in 1979 was the most spectacular F1 duel between Gilles Villeneuve and Rene Arnoux, they raced the last laps next to each other with wheel banging included.

See the long coverage on Youtube here with famous BBC commentator Murray Walker. (almost 10 mins.)

The short coverage here with commentary from Jeremy Clarckson (Topgear) (almost 2 mins.)



Enough from the circuit now to the event.

Coupe Moto Legende always has a friendly atmosphere from friend with each other having fun with riding your bike on a circuit.

You see almost everywhere beautifull bikes, you get an overkill on old bikes.


Here is my footage off Coupes Moto Legende 2006.

There aren't many pictures as I was participating with my Scott and my Lambretta scooter so I had little time wandering around.

Thats a bad excuse I know but you have to experience it .....